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Redfall’s bittersweet final update fixes the shooter’s worst problem

A screen capture from the Redfall gameplay reveal.

Arkane Austin just released the final update for Redfall following Microsoft’s announcement that it would be closing down the studio. The embattled vampire shooter game is going out with a bang, though, as this final update brings a lot of important features.

A post on Bethesda’s own blog confirms that Redfall Game Update 4 adds on offline mode. This also means Redfall will now let people keep playing after an online disconnection. If you’re playing Redfall alone, you’ll also have the ability to fully pause the game now (yes, that wasn’t in the game before).

Although those are the most important things this update does, there are more changes. A new Community Standing progression system has been added, which is a essentially a skill tree full of buffs that players can unlock with currency earned by finding a safehouse, doing sidequests, or killing an underboss. New Elder Nests also give Redfall some more endgame content, as they are more difficult nests with bosses that allow players to earn Heart Shards that give buffs like regenerating ammo and UV light healing.

Other additions include new enemy encounters, improved AI, a Story Mode difficulty, a new weapon, and the ability for players to keep loot found in a nest after failing to clear it. This is a comprehensive final update for Redfall to go out on, and it almost didn’t happen. Earlier this month, Bethesda confirmed it was shutting down Redfall developer Arkane Austin alongside Hi-Fi Rush’s Tango Gameworks and Mighty Doom’s Alpha Dog Games. At the time, Microsoft’s Matt Booty said Redfall would not be getting any more updates.

This angered fans when reports emerged of an offline mode. Thankfully, Bethesda reversed course a little bit. Although Redfall still won’t be getting the additional heroes promised in its season pass, Game Update 4 at least leaves Redfall in an improved, playable state that could even survive a server shutdown.

Redfall is available now for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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