Remedy gives sneak peak of Quantum Break, but don’t expect anything at E3

remedy gives sneak peak quantum break dont expect anything e3 quantumbreak gameplay screenshot 1 jpg

Remedy Entertainment, the Finnish developer best known for Max Payne and Alan Wake, has shared a teaser video of its upcoming action game, Quantum Break, before the official look at the European gamescom conference in August. Presumably this means that the developer will not be showing anything at E3, given the lack of any reference to the June trade show.

Quantum Break, planned as an Xbox One exclusive for release in 2015, will fuse cinematic, time-distorting action gameplay with a live-action series. In the game you will play as Jack Joyce, trying desperately to prevent the cataclysmic end of time. The accompanying show, on the other hand, will focus on the internal intrigue of Jack’s main nemesis, a villainous corporation called Monarch Solutions. The two media will form an intertwining narrative, with actions in one impacting events in the other.

Little else is known about how this will actually work. As a single-player game, the player’s control over the pace presumably precludes the kind of cross-media static world-building of Defiance. Perhaps the episodes will function as particularly long cinematics, with variants depending on in-game actions, almost like a Tex Murphy game. Regardless, experiments in storytelling are always a good thing and Remedy has a strong track record, so we’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

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