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Can’t find an NES Classic Edition? RetroEngine Sigma offers an alternative

Design company Doyodo Team has launched a crowdfunding campaign for RetroEngine Sigma, a plug-and-play “mini console” and media player capable of emulating thousands of classic video games.

RetroEngine Sigma’s all-in-one approach rivals Nintendo’s recently released NES Classic Edition console, and backers will receive digital Christmas gift vouchers ensuring delivery following the device’s retail launch in the second quarter of 2017.

The RetroEngine Sigma is a micro console powered by Kodi Media Center, and it allows users to install a range of applications, including emulators capable of running entire 8-bit and 16-bit console libraries. While the device serves as a fully featured media player, gaming is its primary focus, as the unit includes multiple USB ports that accept a broad variety of original and aftermarket gaming controllers.

The device also includes built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, allowing players to pair wireless gaming controllers like Sony’s DualShock 4. Menu functionality can be accessed via a connected smartphone or tablet, and users can pair a wireless keyboard and mouse to create a living room workspace.

According to its designers, the RetroEngine Sigma aims to take the guesswork out of emulating classic video games and playing them on modern televisions. While low-cost alternatives like the Raspberry Pi boast similar functionality, the RetroEngine Sigma features an automated setup and an interface that allows players to easily add playable ROM files to their digital libraries.

“Retrogaming is constantly gaining in popularity but until now was mostly the domain of computer nerds and tech wizards who enjoy repurposing older console systems or handling bare bones electronics,” RetroEngine Sigma’s Indiegogo pitch reads. “Even if you have the required skills, setting up and configuring the required soft- and hardware can be a tedious process. With this project we are trying to simplify things: The RetroEngine Sigma is the device designed to make retro gaming accessible to the rest of us.”

The RetroEngine Sigma has already surpassed its $20,000 Indiegogo funding goal and backers are scheduled to receive units as early as April.

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