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Riot Games is taking legal action against 'League of Legends' botting service

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Riot Games, the studio behind the enormously popular League of Legends, is taking legal action against a major botting service. Players can utilize LeagueSharp to gain an unfair advantage while playing online, and the developer has decided that enough is enough.

Players use LeagueSharp to inject their own scripts into the game — one example outlined on the service’s website is named “space bar to win,” an exploit that carries out combos automatically, and apparently does so “faster than normally humanly possible.” Other cheats enable automatic last hits, and even enhanced awareness of the playing field.

LeagueSharp offers a limited subscription for $15 per month, which is capped at 50 games per day. There’s also an unlimited subscription that runs $50 per month and has no such limits, according to a report from PC Gamer.

Obviously, the type of service being supplied by LeagueSharp harms the League of Legends experience for players who want to play fair and compete based on their own merits. However, Riot Games’ legal action hinges on the fact that these exploits are being used for personal profit.

“The botting service is designed for those users that wish to make money by creating and selling accounts that have been artificially leveled,” reads the complaint filed by the studio on August 5. Riot Games alleges that “tens of thousands” of people could be using LeagueSharp’s services.

Apparently, the studio attempted to resolve the situation by reaching out to LeagueSharp management. The complaint claims that this was met with abuse to members of staff on social media, and efforts to destroy any incriminating evidence that was easily accessible via the internet.

This isn’t the first attempt that Riot Games has made to clean up League of Legends for its player base. In May 2015, the studio introduced a report card system intended to stamp out bad behavior.

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Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story is a bittersweet eulogy for Riot Forge
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Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story is a new game about getting out of your comfort zone and connecting with others. In many ways, that's also the story of Riot Forge. The publishing label pushed its corporate parent Riot Games out of its AAA design instincts to expand the world of Runterra. There's only so much narrative you can weave into something like League of Legends, and all of Riot Forge’s games offered unique perspectives that enriched this world. I found fulfillment in that strategy too, as someone who enjoys the world of Runeterra, but didn't want to play League of Legends itself. It’s a treatment that few well-known franchises get outside comic book universes, Warhammer, and Star Wars.

Unfortunately, Bandle Tale is the last of its kind for now as Riot Forge has been shuttered as part of recent Riot Games layoffs. That’s a shame, not just for League of Legends, but the video game industry at large. If nothing else, Bandle Tale is worth checking out as a bold move from a major studio, which is something that's becoming increasingly rare.
A solid sendoff
Developer Lazy Bear Games’ Bandle Tale takes place in Bandle City, home to many of the cute, furry Yordle creatures that League of Legends players are likely familiar with. This gives us our first look into their society, which is fractured when a portal network is destroyed during a party toward the start of the game. After that, it’s up to the player, who had isolated themselves for over 100 years, to reunite the portal network and find their lost friends. Like most Riot Forge titles, Bandle Tale is narrative-focused and has more of a humorous edge than the label’s other games.

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League of Legends publisher Riot Games lays off over 500 employees, shutters Riot Forge
Key art highlighting Riot Forge's three League of Legends spinoffs in 2023.

League of Legends publisher Riot Games has cut 11% of its staff, resulting in 530 layoffs. The major company restructure will see the company's entire Riot Forge studio shut down and include cuts to the Legends of Runeterra development team.

Riot Games announced the move in two blog posts on its website. One details the scope of the layoffs and outlines how severance is being handled. The other goes into Riot's vision for its future, which will double down on established games like League of Legends and Valorant, as well as its upcoming fighting game Project L.

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Bandle Tale is unlike anything you’ve seen in the League of Legends universe
Key art for Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story.

Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story is the latest game from League of Legends indie game label Riot Forge, and it’s decidedly different from everything that came before it. While Riot Forge games like The Mageseeker, Convergence, and Song of Nunu have been more intense action League of Legends affairs, Bandle Tale is a comedic, cozy adventure with gameplay that shares more in common with Stardew Valley than League of Legends.

The adventure is set in Bandle City, which is home to the adorably weird species of Yordles that League of Legends players are probably familiar with at this point. Rather than being some grand coming-of-age story for an iconic League of Legends champion, this one is about a Yordle trying to unite Bandle City by throwing a whole lot of parties. I recently got a hands-off look at the game, which affirmed that Bandle Tale is the most distinct game to come from Riot Forge yet because of how it unabashedly embraces cozy game mechanics.
A different take
At the start of my demo, I was introduced to the Yordle players take control off, a knitting apprentice who has just ended a 101-year internship. After the portals that connect Bandle City are destroyed, players sets off to reconnect all of the different regions of Bandle City. Bandle Tale is going to be a 40-hour adventure, so I didn’t see enough to get a full sense of the game’s story. Rowan Parker, Riot Forge’s head of creative, previously told Digital Trends that the game will retain developer Lazy Bear Games’ trademark sense of humor. What I got a better sense of is how an emphasis on customization, cozy gameplay, and resource gathering and spending makes Bandle Tale stand out from all the Riot Forge games before it.

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