Robin playable in Batman: Arkham City with Best Buy pre-order


Batman’s first Arkham adventure in the 2009 release from Rocksteady Studios Batman: Arkham Asylum was entirely a solo journey, but things are changing a little bit for his next outing, the October-releasing Arkham City. We learned earlier this month that Catwoman will be a playable character, and now Best Buy has revealed that another of the Caped Crusader’s associates will be under player control as well: his acrobatic crime-fighting sidekick Robin.

The Boy Wonder will be made available as a pre-order bonus for those who purchase the game from the electronics retailer. Unlike Catwoman, it sounds like this playable Robin won’t be factoring into the story. The Best Buy product page, discovered by fansite, appears to have since been changed, but it originally revealed that the Batman sidekick will be playable in two challenge maps, much like the PlayStation 3-exclusive playable Joker was in Arkham Asylum. The challenge maps are no longer mentioned on the Best Buy website, but the product page lists Robin as a bonus for all three platforms the game will be released on, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Arkham City was one of the many games showcased last week at the annual E3 trade show. The previous release, a Game of the Year winner, left fans wanting for more and the sequel will provide by leaving behind the titular nuthouse in favor of a walled-off district of Gotham City that has been converted into an open-air prison. The Dark Knight heads into the danger zone after his sometime-enemy/sometime-associate Catwoman is captured by the villainous Two-Face and set for a public execution. There’s probably a whole lot more to that plot, but we’ll have to wait until the game’s October 18 release to find out what.