Batman: Arkham City shows off Catwoman in action

batman arkham city shows off catwoman in actionGotham City just can’t catch a break. Seriously, the insurance for a homeowner in that town must be astronomical, what with the nearly continuous stream of costumed psychopaths and frequent events that threaten the lives of Gothamites. Perhaps people should consider moving. Tulsa is lovely this time of year.

But the citizens of Gotham City’s misfortune is our gain as the upcoming sequel, Batman: Arkham City, once again prepares to throw you back into the life of Batman as he faces off against some of the worst of his rogues gallery. But this time Bats won’t be alone: Joining him as a playable character is Catwoman.

Catwoman will have her own storyline within the game, and according to Gamestop (who snagged an exclusive look at the game), she is part of the single player campaign, unlike the addition of Joker as a playable fighter in the challenge modes in Batman: Arkham Asylum. As the story progress, you will switch between Batman and Catwoman, but unlike Batman, who relies on martial arts and strong attacks, Catwoman will use more acrobatics.

Check out Catwoman in action below, and look for Batman: Arkham City on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on October 18.