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For those about to rock, we salute you: RockBand 4 goes up for preorder

Rock Band 4 E3 "Freestyle" Trailer
After a three-year hiatus, it’s time to dust off your guitars and get your band mates together, so you can make a comeback in Rock Band 4. It was back in March that Mad Catz Interactive and Harmonix Music Systems announced the launch of Rock Band 4 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and now it’s finally up for preorder.

Music fans can now preorder Rock Band 4 and hardware on the company’s website or from a variety of retail partners, including Amazon, BestBuy, GameStop, and Wal-Mart. According to Harmonix Music Systems, the game will be available on October 6.

The game itself isn’t too pricey at just $60, but if you need to buy a full Rock Band kit, it’s going to be expensive. Amazon has the full set-up for $250, which includes a copy of the game, a wireless Fender Stratocaster guitar controller, a new wireless drum kit with a kick pedal, drumsticks, and a stage-grade USB mic. Those who just need to buy a guitar and the new game can get a bundle at Toys R Us for $130, which isn’t exactly cheap, though it is less than the full kit.

Customers who preorder will also get more than 30 songs along with the game. Those who preorder from Amazon will receive four exclusive tracks: Alabama Shakes Don’t Wanna Fight, Breaking Benjamin Failure, Death From Above 1979 Trainwreck 1979, The Pretty Reckless Follow Me Down.

The game also has cool new features. “With Rock Band 4, we’re doubling down on the energy and excitement of playing music live with your friends,” Harmonix CEO Steve Janiak said previously.

In Rock Band 4, solo guitarists can play their favorite tracks with an all new “Freestyle Guitar Solo” gameplay. Freestyle Guitar Solos lets players of any skill level master incredible solos. The solo component compliments new features like advanced gameplay, party features, and a dynamic band story campaign.

Ready to rock? Preorder Rock Band 4 from these retailers:

Amazon Best Buy GameStop Walmart

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