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Someone built a Rocket League pitch in Halo 5 for Xbox One players

ROCKET LEAGUE map in Halo 5
There’s finally a way to play Rocket League on Xbox One. No, the Xbox One version of the game is not out yet, but custom level designer TurbTastic has recreated the game as a multiplayer level in Halo 5: Guardians.

The breakout hit of 2015, Rocket League is an odd, but compelling soccer game where teams of up to four players use race cars to push and lob a large ball across the soccer field. The game achieved massive success after launching on PC and PlayStation 4 last July, fueled, at least in part, by developer Psyonix’ partnership with Sony to make to the game free on PS4 for PlayStation Plus subscribers the month it was released. Xbox One players have not been able to get their hands on the game, which might explain why “Turb” decided to bring the experience over as best he could.

In Halo 5 Rocket League, players riding Ghosts — the series’ floating motorcycle — push a large ball across the level and into the opponent’s goal to win. According to a description of the level on Halo custom level site Forge Channel, there are two versions of the game, a “small” 2-6 player mode with a single ball, or a “large” 8-16 player map with three balls.

There are other subtle differences, too. For example, there’s nothing stopping players from shooting each other, either by getting off their bikes, or with the Ghost’s laser cannons.

Unfortunately, the mod is about to outlive it’s usefulness: Psyonix recently announced Rocket League — the real Rocket League — will finally come to Xbox One February 17. Then again, maybe eight-on-eight Halo 5 Rocket League is more your speed. You won’t know until you give it a shot!

For instructions on how to download the Rocket League level in Halo 5, check out Forge Channel.

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