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Rockstar offers ‘GTA Online’ players a “stimulus package”

rockstar offers gta online players a stimulus package

If you have tried out Grand Theft Auto 5’s online mode, separately named GTA Online, then the odds are you’ve run into a problem or two. The first day was unsurprisingly filled with disconnects and problems connecting at all, but since then glitches have popped up that negate garage saves, as well as losing character data. Rosckstar is keenly aware of this, and wants to give you cash as an apology.

GTA ORockstar has announced that it will dole out $500,000 to each player in in-game currency to be used online. The cash drop will come in the form of two payments of $250K each. The first will hit players’ bank accounts by the end of next week, assuming all the bugs that have been deleting game progress are fixed. The second will then be deposited into your digital bank account before the end of the month.

In order to receive Rockstar’s stimulus package, you just need to have played GTA online at any point in October and you will be eligible. You will then also need to download the upcoming patch (title update 1.04) next week, which you should do anyway – unless you like losing your vehicle and save data. Once those two things have been completed, you will automatically receive the funds.

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