GTA Online due for ‘Business Event Weekend’ to celebrate Rockstar’s latest DLC

rockstar planning business event weekend gtav

To celebrate the recently released Business Update add-on for Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online, Rockstar is hosting the “Business Event Weekend” from March 7-9. The event will include bonus rewards and payouts, and it will also feature the new races introduced in the add-on, which went live on March 4.

The Business Update introduced several new cars, races, weapons, and a handful of customization options, including new tattoos and clothes. You still need to purchase most of the items with in-game currency on the GTA Online side (they’re added to your campaign save at no in-game charge), but the download itself is free. Regardless of whether you buy anything or not though, the bonuses this weekend are available to everyone.

During the Business Event Weekend, all land races will offer “Bonus RP Rewards,” all air races will offer “Bonus GTA$ Payouts,” and “Event Crate Drops” will have weapons literally falling out of the sky. Rockstar is also planning special live-stream broadcasts beginning on Friday afternoon. These will feature special guest stars, and can be seen on Twitch and YouTube.