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The fastest cars in GTA 5

Half the fun of Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online is cruising around Los Santos in lightning-fast supercars. There’s no shortage of incredible vehicles available to players, but trying to figure out which is the fastest isn’t as straightforward as you’d think. Some might dominate in a drag race, yet end up in a ditch if you put them on a winding track. Others might excel around hairpin turns, but lack in overall horsepower. The following list is based strictly on each car’s top speed, as trying to rate other traits — such as handling and cornering abilities — is highly subjective and up to personal preference. While we eagerly await a new fleet of cars to steal and race in Grand Theft Auto 6, here are the 10 fastest cars in Grand Theft Auto V.

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Overflod Entity XXR (128mph)

A purple supercar.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Entity is a powerhouse right off the assembly line, but only gets faster as you add more power to its engine upgrades. What really sets this supercar apart from the rest is its amazing traction that gives it the ability to make buttery-smooth turns even while running the engine ragged. This one is going to cost you quite a bit at $2,305,000, but its hard to argue with its performance.

Pfister 811 (133mph)

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Although you wouldn’t guess it, the 811 is actually a bit slower than the Pariah. Featuring deep swoops and a traditional over-the-top spoiler, the 811 looks like a powerhouse of a vehicle. And to be fair, it is — albeit a bit too slow to take the No. 1 spot on this list. However, the 811 is much cheaper than the Pariah, clocking in at $1,135,000 from Legendary Motorsport.

Principe Deveste Eight (132mph)

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The Mazda Furai lives on in the Principe Deveste Eight. This fictional car takes strong cues from Mazda’s futuristic prototype, with an extended boot and a low profile that feeds air into the car’s internals, keeping things nice and cool during intense race conditions. That fancy engineering adds up, and the Deveste Eight’s price tag comes in at a massive $1,795,000.

Bravado Banshee 900R (131mph)

Image used with permission by copyright holder

A staple in the GTA catalog for years, the Banshee continues to be one of the fastest cars in the game. Modeled around the Mazda RX-7 and Dodge Viper, the coupe-convertible is a lightweight car that’s a blast to throw around curvy tracks and hairpin turns. For just $565,000, the Banshee 900R offers a lot of bang for your buck.

Invetero Coquette D10 (130mph)

Image used with permission by copyright holder

It’s not likely to be disputed that this is among the best-looking cars in all of GTA. Its aggressive styling and tight control make it a popular choice for racers of all skill levels, but its high price of $1,510,000 makes it a trademark of the ultrarich.

Pegassi Toros (128mph)

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As one of the few SUVs on the list, the Toros makes the ideal getaway car for larger crews. Better yet, it boasts a top speed that is more than capable of helping it hang with the most expensive supercars. Surprise your rivals by pulling up to the track in a Pegassi Toros, and keep that hard-earned cash in your pocket — Legendary Motorsport is selling it for just $498,000.

Grotti Itali RSX (135mph)

Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Itali RSX might be the wildest-looking car you can buy in GTA Online. With a bold design featuring cutouts, bezels, and an angular front bumper, it certainly fits the vision of a typical supercar. It’s not the best when it comes to braking, but if you’re looking to go fast, it’s hard to find something better. All this power can be yours for the astronomical price of $3,465,000.

Truffade Nero Custom (127mph)

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Toeing the line between understated and aggressive is the Nero Custom. Modeled after the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo, the Nero Custom is a powerful machine — if not a bit heavy. Great speed, fast acceleration, and impeccable handling are all wrapped up in a package that can be had for $605,000. If you’re not keen to drop a few million on a wild supercar, we’d highly recommend giving this one a look.

Ocelot Pariah (136mph)

A blue car drifting.
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Barely coming in at second, the Ocelot Pariah can at least still claim the title of best-looking fast car in the game. This is a great road and highway racer that has little to no traction off-road. It is decently priced for the power you’re getting at $1,420,000, but is certainly worth it just for the visual appeal.

Weevil Custom (137mph)

A blue car with big wheels.
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Added with the Criminal Enterprises update, the Weevil blows past all other cars in GTAV. Based on the Beetle Rat Rod, this unassuming car may not look like it can tear up the track, but its top speed is no joke. Despite how fast it is, it actually isn’t all that expensive compared to everything else on this list, costing just $980,000.

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