Hunt the fell beasts of Middle-earth in Shadow of Mordor’s ‘Lord of the Hunt’

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The first downloadable content expansion for Middle-earth: Shadow of MordorLord of the Hunt, will focus on Torvin the Dwarven hunter. Sauron has unleashed a brutal new breed of Beastmaster Warchiefs to tame the monsters of Mordor. These powerful Uruks can ride fell beasts in dangerous, mounted combat. Talion will team up with Torvin to take them down, learning more about the unconventional dwarf’s origin story in the process.

In addition to new story missions and the dreaded Beastmasters, the DLC will add new monsters to battle or use to your advantage, such as predatory Caragaths, a Ghul Horde, and toxin-vomiting Wretched Graugs. New beast hunting challenges and collectibles provide plenty of opportunity to test your skill with five new epic runes to earn.

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Like the recent, free patch, Lord of the Hunt will also add a new character skin in case you’ve gotten sick of looking at Talion. You will be able to look like one of the powerful Beastmasters, to fully get into the spirit of the hunt.

According to design director Michael de Plater in an interview with Polygon, Torvin was originally conceived as a potential playable character for the game. Torvin’s tattoos and clean-shaven chin make him stand out from his bearded brethren, so fans can look forward to learning more about where this renowned hunter came from.

Lord of the Hunt will be available to purchase on its own or as a free download for Season Pass holders before the end of 2014.