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Join us as we live-stream the ‘Sea of Thieves’ closed beta

Note: This live-stream has ended. Check out the full archived video above!

The closed beta for Rare’s Xbox One and PC game Sea of Thieves kicked off on Wednesday, January 24, and it offers players an early chance to explore mysterious islands, sail the seas in a decked-out pirate ship, and even battle against monsters using swords, pistols, and cannons. Your pals at Digital Trends managed to snag a few keys, and we’re excited to show you the game in a live-stream event!

Join Hanif Jackson, Brendan Hesse, Gabe Gurwin, and Phil Hornshaw as we embark on a nautical adventure and learn about scurvy, bananas, skeletons, buried treasure, and possibly even the true meaning of friendship. We will try out some of the game’s quest-like “voyages” and venture off into the unknown, using maps and landmarks to guide us around Rare’s gorgeous world.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is the largest project we have seen from Rare in years, as the developer was relegated to Kinect exclusives for much of the Xbox 360 generation. Its whimsy and creativity were on full display in that system’s game Viva Piñata, and that same charm and humor separate Sea of Thieves from more serious online games — just find another game where you can jump into a cannon and fire yourself as a projectile toward an enemy ship. It’s also playable as a solo experience, but the game’s best moments come when players are working together, and with a robust non-verbal communication system, you can still get things done without a headset.

As with the majority of Xbox One “exclusives,” Sea of Thieves is also available on Windows 10 PCs, and the game supports the Xbox Play Anywhere program as well as cross-play. For those looking to try it out without breaking the bank, it will also be available on launch day through the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, along with every new Xbox One game that Microsoft publishes in the future.

Sea of Thieves releases for both Xbox One and PC on March 20. The closed beta runs through Monday, January 29, and it’s available to anyone who pre-ordered the game. Those who signed up for the game’s “Insider Program” are also eligible to participate, as is anyone who participated in the technical alpha test.

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