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You’re going to want a great Xbox headset for Hellblade 2. Try this one

A Turtle Beach Stealth 600 sits in front of a green background.
Turtle Beach

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 is finally here, giving Xbox Series X owners the system’s most impressive technical feat to date. The dark sequel is getting some mixed reviews due to its limited gameplay, but most reviewers seem to agree that its visuals are astonishing. It’s biggest highlight, though, is its audio — which should come as no surprise if you’re familiar with the first game. When the makers of Hellblade 2 recommend you put on some headphones to play it, that’s not something to be taken lightly. You’re going to want a great audio solution for this one.

Like the first game, Hellblade 2 makes serious use of binaural audio to represent its protagonist’s mental state. Senua is living with psychosis and constantly hears voices in her head that tear her in different directions. That’s reflected in the audio design, as voices ping on all sides to disorient players. While 3D audio on the PlayStation 5 has been hyped up as one of its defining features this generation, Hellblade 2 gives Xbox Series X the most convincing use of that tech yet.

To get the most out of that, I recommend investing in a solid Xbox headset. That can be a little hard to lock down, though. The Series X doesn’t support Bluetooth natively, which means that you can’t just use any PC or PS5 headset you have lying around unless it has some sort of dongle. A lot of Xbox headsets are custom built for the Series X as to work around that limitation. Fortunately, there are plenty of great options to choose from.

The Razer Nari Ultimate gaming headset with a gaming PC.

If you want to go first-party, the Xbox Wireless Headset is a fine choice. Razer has plenty of great options too, from the Blackshark V2 to the Nari Ultimate. If you want something cheap, the Astro A10 is a solid wired headset, while the SteelSeries Actis Nova Pro is a top choice that’s worth its high price tag.

If you’re looking for something a bit newer, you’re in luck. Hellblade 2‘s launch just happens to align with a new Xbox headset from Turtle Beach. The Stealth 600 Gen 3 is a solid headset that’s designed with Xbox in mind (though it also works on everything from PS5 to Nintendo Switch). The Stealth 600’s biggest selling points are its 50mm Nanoclear drivers, a Bluetooth to 2.4Ghz wireless quick switch, and an impressive 80 hours of battery life. That combined with AI noise reduction in its onboard microphone make this a great version of an already solid headset.

As luck would have it, I got a pair to test right as Hellblade 2 review codes went out. That would be the perfect way to test out the Stealth 600’s clarity, comfort, and how well it handles the game’s binaural audio effect. The headset passed all of those tests with flying colors. Right from the jump, I was treated to some incredibly crisp and detailed audio. I could hear every rain drop and footstep as Senua trudged through the adventure’s opening shipwreck sequence. As soon as the voices in her head started talking, I could pinpoint exactly where they were around my head. That’s crucial, as Hellblade 2 uses voice direction to guide players to objectives without any on-screen UI. I was able to navigate by sound alone, tracking down secrets and hidden runes by ear.

A Stealth 600 sites with a Switch, Xbox, and phone.
Turtle Beach

Aside from those audio strengths, the Stealth 600 has a lot going for it as an Xbox companion. For one, its long battery life means that you can easily play through the short Hellblade 2 before ever needing to recharge it. It’s also more comfortable than previous Stealth models I’ve used. It’s tight enough to stay firmly locked on my head, but it’s still loose enough to keep my ears from hurting after a while. An incredibly soft headband and fabric earcups make that experience even more comfortable.

Perhaps their biggest attribute is that they don’t look embarrassing. Previous Stealth headsets have featured loud plastic designs that make them stick out like a sore thumb. The Stealth 600 model I tested had a sleeker white design instead, with a discrete microphone that folds up. The right earcup is a little heavy on connection buttons and volume knobs, but its an otherwise subtle design compared to some previous models.

Note that this isn’t the only new gaming headset from Turtle Beach that’s ut right now. The Stealth 500 are a bit cheaper at the expense of battery life, though they’re even more comfortable than the 600. Those who want to spend a bit more can grab the lightweight Atlas Air, which feature a looser fit and a comfortable mesh headband. All three of those options are good picks, but the Stealth 600 offers the best balance of price, quality, comfort, and device compatibility. It’s a solid choice for a game like Hellblade 2.

Whatever option you go with, just make sure you’re ready for the experience. Hellblade 2 is an intense, immersive game that begs for players to block out any outside noise and live in Senua’s head. The more you let the journey take you, the more you’ll enjoy it.

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