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‘Serious Sam VR’ brings big guns and bigger aliens to Steam Early Access

Serious Sam VR - Gameplay Trailer
Serious Sam VR will reportedly hit Steam’s Early Access program later this month, bringing its trademark shoot-em-up action to the HTC Vive.

In the latest Serious Sam title you will be able to dive head-first into a never-ending tide of monsters. They will crash over you wave after wave as you mow them down with all sorts of weapons from the outlandish to the mundane. If you ever played a Serious Sam game, you know you are in for some serious gore and killer over-the-top action.

Using the HTC Vive’s motion controllers, you will have a weapon in each hand while you mow down approaching harpies, monstrosities, and giant aliens. In addition to oversized guns and monsters, the latest in the the Serious Sam series will reportedly feature a fully developed skill tree, mid-mission power-ups and several missions to choose from — where you will defend various monuments from hordes of aliens, monsters, and even alien monsters.

“No singing, no dancing. Just showing and humming to the energizing and moody tunes of your guns blazing,” boasts developer Croteam.

According to PCGamesN, Serious Sam VR will have an in-game currency but will not have microtransactions of any kind — not during the early access phase and not once the game releases.

Despite the typical toll that Serious Sam games can have on desktop systems, rendering so many creatures at once, the game has the usual system requirements for a VR title. You will be able to run it on an Intel Core i5, with 6GB of RAM, and at least an Nvidia GTX 970 or AMD R9 290 and 10 GB of storage space.

Serious Sam VR will reportedly retail for around $60 after it spends six months in Early Access starting on October 17.

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