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HTC offers cheaper Vive Pro Eye bundles, expands eye-tracking in VR

HTC is expanding its push into enterprise virtual reality solutions by launching several new bundles in the Vive Pro Eye family. Both new bundles come packaged with HTC’s Vive Pro Eye, which boasts to be the first virtual reality headset that comes with built-in eye tracking technology.

However, enterprise users who just want the VR headset without buying a bundle can grab the Vive Pro Eye at its new lower price of $1,399, HTC announced. This represents a savings of $200 from the original $1,599 price.

For those who want a business-class warranty, expedited customer support, or the capability of using additional base stations when using the Vive Pro Eye in larger office spaces, HTC is also adding the Vive Pro Eye Office bundle and the Vive Pro Eye Office — Arena bundle.

HTC Vive Pro Eye virtual reality headset

The Vive Pro Eye Office bundle is the lesser expensive package you can buy. Priced at $1,599, the $200 premium from the stand-alone Vive Pro Eye headset gets you HTC’s Vive Pro Enterprise Business Warranty & Services.

Essentially, you’re paying the premium to gain access to an expedited customer service line when calling in about technical support for your HTC Vive Pro Eye, and the bundle also includes an extended two-year business warranty and features next business-day email response and expedited product repair designed to minimize downtime should you run into any issues.

The second bundle is the Vive Pro Eye Office — Arena Bundle, which comes in at $2,350, or a premium of $950 over the standalone headset. While the standard Office bundle adds in warranty support, the Arena bundle is largely a hardware bundle that’s designed for using VR solutions in larger office spaces.

The Arena bundle comes with two additional SteamVR 2.0 base stations and a 20m cable. This solution is designed for VR playing area as large as 33 feet by 33 feet, or 20m by 10m, HTC claimed.

“Companies today need access to a diverse set of hardware and VR solutions built for their specific needs, and we developed these offerings to provide our enterprise customers with increased choice and the important tools and services to make VR an integrated tool within their business,” said Yves Maitre, CEO, HTC. “As business use cases for extended reality become more prominent and diverse, the new Vive Pro Eye series delivers multiple ways to address the majority of VR use cases today.”

The new bundles will be available in the second quarter of this year. HTC did not specify if users can add its Business Warranty and Services support package to the Arena bundle as well.

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