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What the Golf? sequel, Twilight Zone VR, and more shown at UploadVR stream

UploadVR hosted its 2022 VR gaming showcase today, showing off more than 20 game trailers. From new reveals like Broken Edge to updates and shadow drop launches such as Green Hell, the show featured a wide range of titles for many types of VR gamers.

Broken Edge - Official Reveal Trailer | Upload VR 2022

Fans of the hit What the Golf? will be pleased to learn a sequel is in the works titled What the Bat?. This game about living in a VR world with bats for hands follows in the same silly vein as its predecessor. It is set to release in 2022 for Meta Quest VR and SteamVR.

The stream showed off a quick look at a new VR title based on the Twilight Zone, which featured players hiding from monsters and shooting in first-person.

One title that immediately showed promise during the stream is Broken Edge. This super-stylish multiplayer VR sword-fighting game puts players head-to-head in front of a beautiful pastel battlefield with swords that look like paint hitting a canvas as they crack away. The game comes from Wind and Leaves developer Trebuchet and is set to launch on Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR later this year.

Hellsweeper is another game that is sure to catch some attention. A gory and obviously hellish title that transports players to a battlefield of demons where they have the goal of surviving with the aid of weapons and supernatural powers at their virtual fingertips. The game is a follow-up to its developer, Mixed Realms’ popular VR action game Sairento. It is currently stated to release in the third quarter of 2022 for the SteamVR.

What The Bat - Official Announcement Trailer | Upload VR 2022

Other highlights of the stream include Gambit! — an edgy co-op shooter similar to the Payday series — and of course more gameplay for Among Us VR. We also saw a big update coming to the VR MMO Zenith and new content for Demeo. VR standout game Moss: Book II also got an Oculus Quest 2 release date.

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