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You can create games on Facebook now thanks to Crayta partnership

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg today showcased Crayta, the latest addition to Meta’s arsenal of gaming ventures within the metaverse. This game design, sharing, and playing platform is coming to Facebook Gaming. Zuckerberg also announced that Meta is expanding the Facebook Gaming catalog of cloud games to Western Europe.

Crayta Official Trailer

Crayta is an award-winning game-making game platform developed by Unit 2 Games that made its debut in 2020. The tool originally launched exclusively on Google Stadia as a Stadia Pro title. After making its way to the Epic Games Store, it’s now joining the ranks of the Facebook Gaming library after the studio was acquired by Meta in 2021.

“Gaming has long embodied many of the core tenets that will make up the metaverse. For example, shared virtual spaces that enable people to connect in entirely new ways,” a PR email from Meta states. “Now, Crayta allows anyone to flex their creativity and build their own worlds. Providing an easy-to-use developer toolkit and maximizing current cloud-streaming technology, Crayta makes game creation more accessible and easy to use whether building on mobile or desktop.”

Meta’s breakdown of Crayta calls it a “vast array of detailed meshes and voxel materials for creators to build with.” The platform also includes a large default selection of character outfits, emotes, and other cosmetics that allow players to customize their appearance and interactions.

Crayta’s cloud availability with Meta is the latest example of large companies pushing for more access to gaming through cloud servers. Platforms such as Microsoft’s Cloud, which is getting its own mini-console, and now Meta are taking this goal to the limit.

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