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Shenmue 3 looking for more crowdfunding via Slacker Backer campaign

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One of the biggest surprises at Sony’s press conference at E3 this year was the announcement of Shenmue 3, which quickly reached its $2 million goal on Kickstarter. By the time the campaign came to an end, the game had become the highest-funded project in the Video Game category on Kickstarter, reaching $6.33 million.

While that amount of money isn’t impressive, it didn’t reach the magical $10 million mark that series creator Yu Suzuki said would allow him to make the game he really wanted to make. Now fans are getting a second chance to back the game via the Shenmue 3 “Slacker Backer” campaign now live on the game’s website.

Developer hasn’t specified that funding falling short of Suzuki’s goal is the reason behind the campaign. Instead the press release issued by the company says that the campaign “comes as a response to include those who could not support the previous campaign for various reasons, citing a lack of payment options, or not having an opportunity to pledge before the campaign had ended.”

The backer rewards are the same as the Kickstarter campaign in terms of pricing, but what backers actually get is slightly different. On the other hand, the actual rewards will be different, with “physical game package designs, different from the Kickstarter versions.”

The current stretch goals reach up to $11 million, but are changed from those included in the Kickstarter campaign. The early goals all focus on the game’s battle system, with Expanded Ragdoll Reaction being the next up at $6.5 million. Up next come AI Battling and the High Ground Battle System at $7 million and $7.5 million respectively.

Further goals expand the Choubu and Bailu Villiage areas with expanded mini games, betting games, part-time jobs, and more. Assuming all of these stretch goals are reached, more will be added, but there is no word on what further goals may be.

The Slacker Backer campaign will run until the end of the year, coming to a close on Dec. 31. All funding raised will be added to the total raised via the Kickstarter campaign and go directly to the game’s development.

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