Skyrim publisher’s Scrolls v. Elder Scrolls lawsuit against Minecraft creator goes to court


First, a quick recap: Bethesda Softworks, the publisher of The Elder Scrolls series, filed a lawsuit awhile back against Minecraft creator Markus Persson and his Mojang development studio over the similarity between the titles of Bethesda’s flagship RPG series and Mojang’s upcoming chess-like virtual card game, Scrolls. Persson, known across the web by his nickname Notch, responded to the news with his trademark good humor, but it appears that things have now gotten a little more serious.

Notch confirmed on Twitter that the lawsuit will indeed be going to court. He didn’t lose his sense of humor about it though, writing “Weee!” and capping off the tweet with a smiley emoticon. A possible escalation was hinted at in a post on Notch’s blog last week, and it seem that that’s now happened.

There’s been no further update from Notch regarding the lawsuit other than his tweets, one of which refers to the whole thing as a nonsense accusation. Bethesda claims that the similarity between the titles of Scrolls and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim could somehow confuse gamers. Notch’s assessment seems to be right on the money when you get right down to it.