SOCOM 4 trailer shows off co-op game modes

socom 4 trailer shows off co op game modesCan SOCOM 4 regain the past online glory that it proudly flaunted back during the halcyon days of the PS2? Zipper thinks so, and today they have released more info about the upcoming SOCOM 4, including details on the online co-op multiplayer mode.

Up to five people will be able to play together through two gametypes. “Takedown” sends your crew into an enemy controlled location, with the objective of finding and neutralizing enemy VIPS on site by any means necessary. “Espionage” requires an emphasis on teamwork, as your squad must track down enemy data and sabotage enemy operations. Both gametypes will require you to work with your teammates to locate objectives, eliminate targets and succeed in the missions. Leroy Jenkins need not apply.

At the loading screen before each session begins, you will be able to tailor the action to your group, and determine the enemy density throughout the map, as well as the overall level of difficulty. Check out the clip below and look for the PS3 exclusive SOCOM 4 on April 19.