Someone snuck into part of Destiny’s 2015 DLC

An enterprising guardian has found a glitch that enabled him to enter the Terminus, an area on Venus that will be unlocked in the 2015 House of Wolves DLC for Destiny. Nowise10 posted the above video to show the precise location of the Terminus and the process of gaining entry. The video also points out three locations of Dinklebot’s fallen, dead ghost comrades. If you’re curious, head on up and poke around before Bungie catches wise and shores up the gap.

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The Terminus is one of numerous areas that were revealed by another recent glitch that uncovered all of the unvisited locations on the map screen. Among these were previously unseen areas that were earmarked for the two announced DLC expansions, The Dark Below (December 2014) and House of Wolves (2015).

The revelation that the actual area, and not just a map tag, already exists in the game will do little to quell accusations from some corners of the Internet that Destiny‘s DLC was arbitrarily partitioned off behind a paywall as a cash-grab.