Destiny bug hints at the names and locations of future add-on missions

destiny leak hints future dlc missions

A number of Destiny players recently encountered a glitch on the map that locked him out of every mission, including the Tower, but also revealed every mission in the game, including some that are locked for two upcoming DLC expansions. (via Kotaku)

YouTube user Scott M posted the following video, exploring the map and highlighting all of the newly-revealed missions, some of which have been earmarked as “Expansion Required” for either The House of Wolves or The Dark Below, which have been previously announced as DLC expansions.

Each of the expansions, as summed up on NeoGAF, appears to be adding four or five new missions, two strikes, and one raid. The new content is spread across existing zones, including Earth, the Moon, and the Reef.

Bungie has released a statement regarding the leak, confirming that the DLC has been sketched out and placeholders are present to mark where the new missions are likely to be. The post emphasizes, though, that neither of the expansions are finished, and so some of these might change between now and when the first expansion, The Dark Below, comes out in December.