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Highly popular ‘Sonic CD’ free on iOS for a limited time

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Vincent Tcheng Chang/Flickr
One of the best Sonic The Hedgehog games ever made is now free for iOS users, although there’s a small catch.

Sega has announced that the widely beloved Sonic CD will be free to iOS users for a limited time, but with ads included.

Sonic CD is free on iOS (w/ads) for a limited time.

— Sonic the Hedgehog (@sonic_hedgehog) October 29, 2016

Sonic CD was released back in 1993 on the Sega CD. Unlike previous Sonic games, it was one that pushed players to explore levels rather than run through them as quickly as possible. Using a time travel mechanic, players were able to jump forward or backward in time, changing the level layout as they did so. The game was also lauded for its excellent soundtrack. The Sega CD allowed developers to create more complex music with a wider range of timbers.

The mobile version of Sonic CD was actually created by Christian Whitehead, an Australian indie developer and major fan of the series. He created a new game engine, Retro Engine, to enable Sonic CD to run on mobile hardware. After approaching Sega with his concept, the company moved forward with releasing the game on mobile.

Fans have lauded Whitehead’s ports as being true to the original and for running with nary a hiccup. His port also included the ability to switch between the Western and Japanese soundtracks, both of which are excellent.

Sega is actually going back to its 2D roots with Sonic Mania, a new game to release on console and PC next year. The game is being developed by Sega of America, along with Whitehead, and prominent mobile indie developer Pagoda West Games.

As for Android users, the game sadly is not free in the Google Play store. But there is a way to get it for free via the Amazon Underground app. The only platform in which the game is not free is Windows Phone.

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