Grab some popcorn as you watch the PlayStation E3 Experience in theaters

The big screen! Popcorn! Video game announcements! Once again, Sony will be broadcasting its PlayStation E3 conference from movie theaters across North America this year, and it’s bringing along some surprises to encourage fans to come out and attend the show.

The “PlayStation E3 Experience” takes place on Monday, June 15, at Sony’s usual conference time of 9 PM EST. As with last year’s event, the show is free. However, you still need to book your tickets in advance to guarantee a seat; tickets will be available to reserve starting at midnight EST on May 27, and Sony says that 80 percent of each theater’s capacity will be “reserved for ticket holders.”

2014’s PlayStation E3 Experience brought the show to approximately 40 theaters across the United States and Canada, but this is increasing significantly for this year. Over 75 movie theaters will be screening the 2015 presentation, with locations in every state, and an additional three shows in Canada.

Of course, the main press conference will be available to view outside of the theater, but attendees will be treated to an exclusive post-show presentation hosted by Geoff Keighley, who promises to include “extended footage and interviews with developers.” There will also be several prizes, both physical and digital, which are being kept as a surprise until E3.

Sony has not divulged much information about the games we can expect to see at its conference this year, but the announcement video suggests that we’ll see new footage from No Man’s Sky, Street Fighter V, Uncharted 4, and the recently-delayed Ratchet & Clank reboot and film. As PlayStation E3 conferences tend to last the longest (and usually run over their scheduled time), there will be plenty of time for surprises, as well. I’m still waiting for another Syphon Filter, Sony.