Sony implementing one-time-use codes for Resistance 3 multiplayer

psn-passSony is rolling out a new program in September 2011 with the release of Resistance 3 called the PSN Pass, according to Joystiq. Also called “Project Ten Dollar” by third-party publishers, the PSN Pass is a one-time-use code that allows the player to enable online play specific to the player account. Resistance 3 will kick off the program with the PSN Pass bundled with all new copies of the game. This program is launching in North America as well as Europe, and third parties can follow suit with PlayStation 3 releases.

This isn’t the first time Sony has charged for online play after a game is purchased on the secondhand market.  SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 for the PlayStation Portable required a $20 registration code for all used games.  The PSN Pass program is game specific and includes artwork on the game box to identify games within the program. This move specifically targets the used game market at Gamestop, eBay and other retailers to pass revenue back to the publisher when a game is resold. A new pass will be available for purchase on the PlayStation Network. This program is very similar to Electronic Arts online pass, which charges an additional $10 for a one-time-use multiplayer code within the EA Sports lineup.

Resistance 3 has a target release date of September 6, 2011 and is the fourth game in the series from Insomniac Games. Set six years after the first game in the series, the player will take control of freedom fighter Joseph Capelli and battle the Chimera in large U.S. cities. The first-person shooter will feature 3D capabilities as well as PlayStation Move support. Competitive multiplayer supports up to 16 players in objective and deathmatch modes. The retail version of Resistance 3 has a MSRP of $59.99.