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PS3 players reportedly unable to download key game patches ahead of store shutdowns

Following Sony’s announcement that it will be shutting down the PlayStation 3 storefront later this summer, fans are now reporting that they’re unable to download essential patches for certain PS3 games.

Sony recently confirmed that it will be shutting down its PS3, PS Vita, and PSP stores later this year, making it impossible to purchase new digital games across those storefronts. Sony explains that users will still be able to re-download any digital purchases made through the store, but they will be unable to buy new games following the closures.

Some of the PS3 games causing problems are disallowing players from earning trophies or playing online, and in some cases they require workarounds to be played properly. For example, the EU version of Dungeon Siege III seems to be giving players a data error if the DLC is installed.

The list of PS3 games that are unable to be updated is growing as players discover more. Currently, there are around 35 titles that are causing trouble. These include a variety of games, such as Battlefield 4, flOw, Gran Turismo 5, Journey, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Payday 2, Twisted Metal, and lots of others.

PSN users have shared tips on how to circumvent some of the patch issues, but there are no workarounds in some cases, leading to broken or buggy versions of games. That means anyone buying a PS3 game for the first time may not be able to play the most current version.

Interestingly, there doesn’t seem to be a consistent pattern across the list of broken games. They vary from region to region (for instance, only the EU version of Payday 2 is giving people problems), and in some cases they apply to only the digital edition of a game (such as Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition). In other instances, the disc version of certain PS3 titles — such as Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and SoulCalibur IV — is causing issues, while the digital counterpart is completely fine.

Sony has yet to comment on the issue, and it’s currently unclear if it’s a deliberate decision on its part.

Players still have time to get games across the aforementioned platforms. The PS3 and PSP stores are set to close on July 2, 2021, while the PS Vita store is due to shut down on August 27, 2021.

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