Sony waives $99 fee for PlayStation Mobile developers

PlayStation Mobile

Game developers looking to publish their creations on Sony’s PlayStation Mobile platform are no longer required to pay a $99 fee, Sony announced today. The company is eager to “remove any existing barriers” that prevent developers from getting their games on PlayStation Mobile, PS Mobile senior manager of mobile content acquisition Sarah Thomson wrote in a PlayStation Blog post.

The PlayStation Mobile platform spans Sony’s PS Vita handheld console as well as Sony PlayStation-certified tablets and smartphones from the likes of Asus and HTC. Sony previously opened the platform to developers in 2012 after a year of beta testing, and then opened it to indie developers shortly thereafter. 

Sony’s PlayStation Mobile website was recently redesigned with new information about Mobile games and device, along with a link directly to the Mobile developer portal. There, hopeful devs can now register and download the PlayStation Mobile software development kit for free.

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