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South Park: The Stick of Truth censorship features epochal facepalm

south park stick truth censorship features epochal facepalm of trut h

It’s finally out! Check out our review of South Park: The Stick of Truth RPG from Ubisoft.

When South Park: The Stick of Truth players in Europe come to one of the game’s seven region-censored scenes, they’ll be treated to a still cartoon image of Michelangelo’s David frozen in a facepalm, as Reddit users discovered and shared (via Joystiq). The image is coupled with on-screen text containing a detailed description of the missing scene. We’ve clipped that bit out of the image above to avoid spoiling you on any story details, but it’s worth noting that the self-aware spoiler text calls attention to the ridiculousness of this situation. The example pic shared on Reddit kicks off with “You lose again, Europe.”

As we learned from the original report, the seven deleted scenes consist of roughly 20 seconds worth of content apiece. Five of them are pure cutscenes with zero interactive bits and the other two are short minigames. They all relate to spoiler-filled moments, so be careful if you choose to dig into this news a little further.

A Ubisoft spokesperson informed Eurogamer that the censorship is a “market decision,” presumably in reference to Germany’s strict release guidelines. Of course, it also serves equally well as a marketing decision, given the fact that we’re all talking about how the excised content was treated in a funny way. 

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