Star Citizen’s Arena Commander module free this weekend

star citizens arena commander module free this weekend citizen

Those who have been wanting to dip their toe into the world of Star Citizen can actually do so for free this weekend in the Arena Commander module. Anyone who would like to try it out needs to head to this page by tomorrow (8/14/2015), and enter the code Gamescom2015. Download the game and everything will work through August 17 (Monday).

With the Arena Commander module, players will be able to marvel at the detail of the ships, fly them around in free flight mode, and even access the single-player version of Arena Commander’s Vanduul Swarm simulator with some good ol’ fashioned ship on ship dog fighting.

This module is all about flying the ships and fighting with them, which is a great place to get a feel for what Star Citizen is all about before jumping and paying.

For those unaware, Star Citizen is a game all about flying ships around in space, and it’s received a staggering $87,138,182 in funding from just under 1,000,000 backers. Normally, to play any part of the game one would need to buy a package that includes a ship and alpha and beta access. Prices for these range from $30 (this cheapest package doesn’t grant game access until the final release), all the way into the thousands of dollars for some ships. The cheapest ship with alpha and beta access is $45.

The game is very much still in development, so any who decide to give it a shot on this free weekend need to remember that things won’t be perfect, and you might encounter some bugs and glitches. Also, the game is fairly demanding, requiring at least 8GB of RAM, a 1GB GPU, and a quad-core processor.

Remember, for temporary access without spending at least $45, make sure to sign up with the code Gamescom2015 by tomorrow.