State of Decay getting definitive HD edition for Xbox One in 2015

state decay getting definitive hd edition xbox one 2015 of
A definitive HD version of Undead Labs’ State of Decay, including all previously-released add-ons and some new content, is coming to Xbox One as the Year-One Survival Edition in spring 2015.

This open world “zombie survival fantasy” brought a refreshing spark to the saturated zombie apocalypse genre with permanent death, non-linear narrative, and a dynamic, persistent world. The developers focused on simulation over running the players through a scripted story. The new edition will include both the Lifeline and Breakdown DLC along with new content that the studio has not yet revealed. Taking advantage of the more powerful hardware, everything will get a shiny new coat of 1080p HD graphics with enhanced animations and effects.

Undead Labs will share more about the new material as the release date gets closer, but it seems safe to assume that this new edition will have something for fans of the game and new players alike.

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