Steam Controller gets a slight redesign for its GDC 2014 appearance

Valve’s Steam Controller has undergone some big changes since the last time we saw it. The touch-sensitive pads built into the center of the controller are no more, replaced with four face buttons on the lower right side and a four-button directional pad on the lower left. It looks a whole lot more like a standard console gamepad, save for those funky touchpad-like circles that replace the expected analog sticks. Valve sees plenty of opportunity to evolve the design from here, including more use-specific builds that cater to different genres.

This controller design isn’t final; it’s simply another step toward realizing Valve’s vision for PC gaming in the living room. The device’s body was created using a 3D printer. In addition to the controls on its face, it’s also got four shoulder buttons and a pair of paddle-like buttons on the back. In the final design, this paddle will snap off to reveal the battery housing.