Steam hits 75 million users

Steam_regional (2)Valve kicked off its Steam Dev Days conference with the news that the online gaming platform now has a staggering 75 million users, a 15-percent jump from October 2013 when it recorded 65 million users.

Valve also discussed where its sales were strongest globally in 2013, revealing a virtual tie between North America and Western Europe, with 41 and 40-percent of Steam’s total sales, respectively. Beyond those two regions, Oceania and Russia each accounted for 5-percent, Asia was responsible for 3-percent, and the rest was made up of a handful of other regions.

January 15 and 16, Valve is hosting Steam Dev Days in Seattle, WA, an event where developers and publishers that work with Steam and the new Steam Machines can come together to meet, join in multiple discussions, and listen to lectures. The invite-only event is the first of its kind for Valve, but the 1,200 people attending this year may ensure it becomes an annual event.

In anticipation of Steam Dev Days we’ve already heard about Steam’s new VR beta mode, and more may be coming soon. With the first batch of third-party Steam Machines recently unveiled, Valve and its partners surely have a lot to talk about.

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