Take a spin around Storm Island in Forza Horizon 2’s new expansion

take spin around storm island forza horizon 2s new expansion stormislandexpansion forzahorizon2 01 wm jpg

Storm Island, a new expansion for Forza Horizon 2, is now available for download on Xbox One. The downloadable content adds a brand new location, a variety of gameplay modes, and of course, a selection of new cars.

The eponymous island spices up the game’s southern European locale with some of the most extreme weather conditions ever seen in a Forza game. Raging tropical storms and blankets of thick fog add new elements of danger and excitement to your driving experience.

The expansion also adds 90 new events, including five new types of competitions. Rampage and Brawl are off-road races loaded with smashable objects. Extreme Cross Country and Cross Country Circuit increase the difficulty of the game’s cross country mode by taking advantage of Storm Island’s extreme terrain. Finally, Gauntlet presents the ultimate challenge with point-to-point night races set during the expansion’s wild storms.

Storm Island also comes packed with more of the existing content, adding new Playground arenas, Rival events, and Bucket List challenges. It wouldn’t be a Forza expansion if it didn’t also add some sweet rides to your garage. Storm Island includes five new vehicles, ranging from the classic, feisty 1982 Ford Fiesta XR2 to the rugged, off-roading 2014 Ford Ranger T6 Rally Raid.

Forza Horizon 2: Storm Island is available now to download from the Xbox Live Store on Xbox One. It costs $20 normally, or $10 for Horizon 2‘s VIP members.