Telltale’s Game of Thrones story not a prequel, shares same timeline as the HBO series

telltales game thrones story shares timeline hbo series of telltale

Telltale Games’ upcoming episodic take on Game of Thrones won’t be a prequel. The game will tell a story that runs concurrently with the events of the HBO series, studio CEO Dan Connors confirms to Digital Trends. Telltale has the rights to adapt the cable TV series, though the team will obviously be drawing heavily from the lore established in George R.R. Martin’s books as well.

“I think the show provides a timeline, but the world is huge. You’re talking about the politics of an entire– it’s like Europe and some other continent,” Connors said during our annual Game Developer’s Conference chat. “There’s so much going on and it’s so rich. Every decision that King Joffrey makes impacts so many people. Any microcosm in that world [looking at how] people are affected by the decisions that are made plays out across the whole thing.”

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“The show does a great job of interpreting George R.R. Martin’s work, and his work provides a huge dictionary of knowledge about what the franchise is. It’s really a dream to sit down and say, ‘What’s our space in this world? Where are we in this world?’ And the world offers you so much to explore.”

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