Think you’ve done all there is to do in Terraria? Its latest update says otherwise

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Terraria has been around for some time now — we reviewed the game back in 2013 — but games like this tend to have longer-than-average shelf lives. Now a new update to the game ensures that it will stay fresh even longer.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the 1.3 update to Terraria, and now it’s finally here. “Terraria 1.3 touches on many aspects of the game — from reimagined sprites and backgrounds to new features and, of course, the new content that you crave — that we truly feel it refreshes and revitalizes the entire Terraria experience,” reads a post regarding the update on the game’s website.

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While the jump to 1.3 is referred to as a minor update, it’s closer to an expansion pack in terms of how much content is added to the game. Some of the changes, like the way world generation works, may seem more subtle, but there are also new events, new music, and of course a whole lot of new items and weapons.

An entire new biome has been added in the Underground Desert, and the new Expert Mode amps up the difficulty considerably. Enemies that you could essentially ignore before are now capable of killing you in a hit or two. The update also streamlines the game’s multiplayer, making it much easier to connect to a friend’s server.

For those playing the game through Steam, Cloud Saves are now supported and Achievements are now available both in-game and through Steam. Multiplayer games can also be joined via Steam now. For all the details on what’s new in the patch, see the detailed changelog on the Terraria website.

The new update has seen Terraria skyrocket in popularity. Currently the game stands as the third most-played game on the Steam stats page, with a peak of 159,280 players today so far and over 80,000 current players at the time of this writing.

Now that the 1.3 version of Terraria has launched, developer Re-Logic will focus on Terraria: Otherworld, a more strategy-heavy take on the Terraria universe.

If you always wanted to play Terraria but never got the chance, this isn’t a bad time to start. Both the Steam and GOG versions of the game are selling for $7.50 — 25 percent off — to celebrate the update. This discount ends tomorrow, so if you’re interested, you’d better hurry up.


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