There’s new, free DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition, and it’s all about Destruction

theres new free dlc dragon age inquisition destruction

Two new updates are now available for Dragon Age: Inquisition: a free expansion for the game’s cooperative multiplayer mode and a premium upgrade for all the deluxe edition content that came with more expensive versions of the game at launch.

Destruction, the free multiplayer update, “adds new paths to existing destinations,” according to BioWare’s website. The conflict sweeping Thedas has upset the balance of nature, and now dangerous beasts wander the battlefield, causing indiscriminate chaos for both allies and enemies. Destruction is available now as a free update for all players.

The Deluxe Upgrade allows players who purchased the Standard Edition of the game to get their hands on the content that had previously been exclusive to the Deluxe Edition. For $10 you gain access to cosmetic upgrades like an Inquisitor’s throne made from a dragon skull, or a red stag mount so you can grab a bow and pretend you’re in Princess Mononoke (Editor’s note: There is no horseback archery in Inquisition. Sadface.).

The Flames of the Inquisition gear includes weapons and armor so you can fight back the demonic invasion with fiery style. The upgrade also includes a copy of the digital soundtrack, letting you take the Inquisition with you wherever you go in real life.

Both Destruction and the Deluxe Upgrade are available for download now on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.