Tiger Woods Game Loses Big

tiger woods game loses big pga tour 2011

Maybe it is the industry in general. Maybe it is his poor recent showings. Maybe it is the whole sex fiend thing. Whatever the reason, EA’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 has seen a huge drop in sales compared to last year’s game- right around a one-third drop off.

According to the NY Times, the NPD Group’s recently released June sales numbers show a 32-percent drop in the 2011 game compared to the 2010 version.

According to EA, there are “a lot of factors” that contributed to the decline, including the slowing of Wii sales. Last year’s copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 was packaged as a bundle with the Wii, which helped elevate its sales. Or it could be the sex fiend thing.

For a quick recap into the incidents that began Tiger Woods’ fall from grace, check out the totally impartial, and incredibly weird Taiwanese news recreation below.