‘Titanfall’ scores big at E3 2013 with the most Game Critics Awards ever


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Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts’ Titanfall, a multiplayer first-person shooter with mechs, was the first game to win six  Game Critics Awards at E3. Titanfall won every category in which it was nominated, including best of show, best original game, best console game, best PC game, best action game, and best online multiplayer.

Other awards went to Media Molecule’s Tearaway for best handheld/mobile game, Oculus Rift for best hardware/peripheral, Watch Dogs for best action/adventure game, and The Elder Scrolls Online for best RPG. In addition Need for Speed: Rivals won best racing game, NHL 14 won best sports game, Total War: Rome 2 won best strategy game, Fantasia: Music Evolved won best social/casual game, and Transistor won best downloadable game.

Of the 15 awards, eight in total went to EA. PC games had the most winning titles by platform with 11, while Xbox 360 and Xbox One had ten each. Multi-platform games are counted once for each platform they appear on, and Titanfall is coming to Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 lagged behind with just three and four wins, respectively, and Wii U and PS Vita each had one.

Titanfall is Respawn’s first game and the first game that its founders, Jason West and Vince Zampella, have worked on since leaving Call of Duty makers Infinity Ward. It was praised for its fast-paced action, cinematic multiplayer gameplay, and innovative online features that take full advantage of Microsoft’s cloud services.

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