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Tom Clancy’s XDefiant is a free-to-play shooter, closed beta starts next month

Ubisoft revealed a new entry in the Tom Clancy franchise today, and no, it wasn’t a new Splinter Cell game. Instead, it’s a new free-to-play first-person shooter titled Tom Clancy’s XDefiant. The game is currently still in development, but a closed beta is set to launch in early August.

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant: Worldwide Reveal Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Developed by Ubisoft San Francisco, Tom Clancy’s XDefiant is “fast-paced firefights meets punk rock mosh pit” according to the game’s executive producer Mark Rubin and its creative director Jason Schroeder.

In Tom Clancy’s XDefiant, players will clash against each other with personalized classes, represented through different factions. Wolves make up the game’s tanks and sport large guns, as well as circular shields that can soak up damage. Cleaners fill the assault role and can wield flamethrowers. Support characters fit into the Echelon faction and come with SMGs and a set of goggles that let them see enemies through walls. Finally, healers are represented by the Outcasts, who can create a healing aura around themselves. Each faction also has its own extra abilities and an ultimate power.

Matches in Tom Clancy’s XDefiant will be 6-v-6, and include both arena style and linear modes, with domination and escort modes being revealed by a press release. The game will also feature “a large pool of uniquely designed maps,” although it doesn’t say how many maps players will be able to expect once the game launches.

A release date for Tom Clancy’s XDefiant hasn’t been revealed yet, but anyone that’s interested can try to get into one of the game’s betas. Players can register for the game’s first beta, slated for August 5, on its website.

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