TowerFall Ascension lines up to compete with Titanfall in March

towerfall ascension lines compete titanfall march release date

TowerFall Ascension brings its multiplayer party game madness to PC (via Steam) and PlayStation 4 on March 11, as Matt Thorson, the game’s creator, confirms in an update on his official website. The spruced up port of former Ouya exclusive TowerFall was revealed for releases on PC and PS4 in late 2013. Ascension boasts a heap of extra content as well, including 50 new versus levels (120 in all), four more playable characters, a cooperative Quest mode, and more.

TowerFall has amassed a considerable fanbase with its lo-fi blend of smooth controls and fast-moving action. Four players leap around an arena trying to kill each other with arrows. Shouting and hilarity ensue. Quest mode promises to add a new layer to the experience, with one or two players tackling a series of arenas dotted with monster-spawning portals.

The March 11 release is actually home to two “fall” games. The PS4 console-exclusive TowerFall Ascension release bumps up alongside the Xbox console-exclusive Titanfall, a multiplayer-focused game developed with a AAA budget by Respawn Entertainment. Is it a coincidence that a beloved multiplayer indie comes to PS4 on the same day that a ridiculously hyped multiplayer major comes to Xbox One? We can’t say one way or another, but it’s certainly convenient.