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Twitch streamer uses dance pad to finish Dark Souls 3 with level 1 character

The Dark Souls series is notorious for its difficulty, but players no longer have any excuse for giving up, after a Twitch streamer was able to beat Dark Souls 3 with a level 1 character while using a dance pad as her controller.

While Dark Souls 3 is easier compared to its predecessors, it remains challenging enough to frustrate players ranging from beginners to veterans of the series. Twitch streamer Luality, however, was able to beat the game using a dance pad, which should make most Dark Souls 3 players question their skills with a normal controller.

Making the achievement even more impressive is that Luality completed Dark Souls 3 with a level 1 character. While it is possible to deal significant damage through weapon upgrades, removing the benefits of leveling up is a pretty severe limitation, especially since most players need every advantage they can get to beat the game.

Luality, however, is not most players, as seen in the clip above of her beating Soul of Cinder, the game’s final boss, with relative ease. She even completed Dark Souls 3 while apparently cosplaying as Final Fantasy VII‘s Tifa Lockhart, which is appropriate given how she made things look so easy.

Dark Souls trilogy and Bloodborne

The Dark Souls trilogy is part of Digital Trends’ list of the best video games to play while stuck at home. The games are available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, with Dark Souls Remastered also available on the Nintendo Switch. In addition, players can also look into spiritual successor Bloodborne, which is a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Players, however, are advised not to use dance pads in their first runs for these games.

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