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Twitch streamer’s ‘ultimate’ Elden Ring run involves two copies and a dance pad

Twitch streamer MissMikka has begun the “Ultimate Challenge Run” of Elden Ring, in which she attempts to play two versions of the game simultaneously — one using a PlayStation 5 5 controller and the other with a dance pad.

Twitch streamer @MissMikkaa has taken Elden Ring to a whole new level, as she is now playing one game on PS5 and another on her dance pad… at the same time

Gamers really are something

— Jake Lucky (@JakeSucky) December 11, 2022

Game of the Year winner Elden Ring is already considered a difficult game, yet some players have imposed even greater restrictions on themselves to make it even more grueling. These challenge runs have come in many forms, such as beating the game without leveling up, completing it without being hit, and using unorthodox control inputs.

MissMikka has already completed major Elden Ring challenge runs in the past, most notably defeating one of the most difficult bosses in the game, Malenia, at level 1 using only a dance pad. That challenge took more than 15 hours of attempts and over 550 deaths to complete, but now the player is undertaking a challenge even more ambitious.

Beginning on December 10, MissMikka has started what she calls the “Ultimate Challenge Run” of Elden Ring by attempting to beat two copies of the game simultaneously, controlling one version of the game with a PS5 controller and the other with a dance pad. Another self-imposed limitation is that she must also beat every boss on the same attempt in both versions, preventing her from focusing on just one version at a time.

So far her strategy involves keeping both characters using the same equipment, weapons, and stats, but this is certainly a task few have the mental fortitude to complete.

You can follow her progress on her Twitch channel where she last left off attempting to beat Margit, the Fell Omen.

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