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Two Point Campus beginner’s guide: 8 tips and tricks to get started

As the sequel to Two Point Hospital, Two Point Campus swaps out the setting of running a medical facility with that of a college campus. These games place you in the role of an overseer, much like a Sim City-style game, where you are in charge of making sure your facility — in this case, a school — is running as efficiently as possible. While it may not be quite on the level of actually trying to manage a college in real life, Two Point Campus certainly does throw a lot of different things at you that you need to balance in order to create a thriving university.

Despite being centered around education, Two Point Campus won’t exactly tell you the most important parts of its systems. Instead, most things are left for you to discover on your own. While this can be fun in its own way, for those who want to make a successful college without having to either start over or scrap tons of progress after realizing a major design flaw, there are plenty of tips to make you a successful dean. Make sure you’ve purchased the required books and have your pencils sharpened to take note of these tips and tricks to become an A+ Two Point Campus player.

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What to build first

An overhead view of a misty college.

Now this will vary depending on what your objectives are for each mission, but no matter what, there are some things you will always want to prioritize to make sure your campus has a smooth start. Ideally, there are some essential things you will want to have set up before you even open your doors to students. While they may seem obvious, Two Point Campus will absolutely let you start without them and essentially doom yourself to a failed university. Keep in mind that it is always cheaper to expand a building if there’s space rather than build a new one.

First, you will need a large Dormitory. Design one to hold around 10 beds but also with enough space to add in bookshelves, desks, and other furnishings later down the line. One good thing about the dorms is that, much like real college students, they have no shame about privacy. Students are more than willing to share beds (not at the same time), so as long as there is one open, students will take a rest wherever is most convenient.

For hygiene, you absolutely must install a Shower Room with, again, around 10 stalls to be safe. Make sure to have an equal amount of sinks as well, plus just a few hand dryers.

Your first educational addition needs to be the Library, and a big one. Pack it with bookshelves and desks for students to come in and study to do better in their courses.

We don’t want to neglect your staff, so make a decent Staff Room early on as well to keep them happy.

Eventually, your campus will require more, but in the beginning, you can make do with one Medical Office and one Pastoral Support office.

Don’t forget to put at least one bathroom in each building! Aside from just being cruel, you don’t want to see what your campus will look like when your students can’t find relief.

Finally, scatter plenty of vending machines and trash cans throughout your buildings.

Hire the right people and train them

Without a high-quality staff, your students have no chance of success, but this also applies to all aspects of your university. Teachers are vital, but you will need people to run your other buildings like the Student Union, keep the place clean, and run food stands.

Whenever you’re looking to hire, you will be presented with applicants who all have different qualification levels and skills. Early on, it will be easy enough to hire staff and place them in the role they’re best equipped for, but later on, you will need to be more selective to make sure the person you hire is right for the job you need them to do.

As you get further into the game, your staff’s normal skill levels won’t cut it for getting students’ grades as high as you might need. To stay ahead of the curve, keep them improving through training and level them up to get promotions by building a training room and outfitting it with a training pod. Just be aware that higher-skilled staff, not just teachers, will begin to feel that they’re worth more to keep around. Check their individual pages and adjust their wages to keep them happy, or all that training will go to waste.

Offer new courses or improve existing ones

Chefs making a giant cake.

Most scenarios you start in Two Point Campus come with existing courses already offered, but most of them you will decide for yourself between to offer your students. These all cost Course Points to unlock, which you earn as your overall Campus Level increases. There are a total of 17 courses you can unlock, and each one has a different cost, tuition fee, duration to complete, difficulty, room requirement, and more, so read up on each one to know what will best serve your current campus and objectives.

Aside from starting up new courses, also consider upgrading the ones you have. This will allow more students to enroll, improve the qualification level, and even lower the tuition fee. That last point is something you will want to do for an easy way to bump student happiness.

Be wary of loans

In some ways, getting a loan to run a university is almost as dangerous as getting a loan to go to one. Odds are you won’t consider getting one unless you’re desperate, but think long and hard about the long-term costs. If it is the only possible way to maintain funding to keep your courses running, then you need to be sure your monthly income is more than the payments will be, or you will have to start cutting back on things like staff or their wages — or you can try increasing tuition.

Even if you can manage the payments, you will be at a much higher risk of anything going wrong until it’s paid off. Without much extra cash on hand, any extra purchases or essential repairs could be out of reach. At the very least, don’t take the bigger loans offered from Swindles and Smell My Cash since they have terrible interest rates.

Spruce the place up

A thriving campus made by a player in Two Point Campus.

While you might want to meticulously plot out every inch of your campus to be ultra-efficient, the reality is it will pay off more to make sure you not only have open spaces between buildings but visually appealing ones, too. Make sure there’s plenty of nature around for your students to enjoy, plus places for them to just hang out and socialize. All your outdoor decorations are the most effective at improving your campus’ attractiveness rating.

You can still take advantage of these outdoor spots by setting up some food stands, which students will like more than vending machines, and spots where they can sign up for clubs.

Start up clubs ASAP

Two sports teams wearing masks.

Speaking of clubs, get those started as soon as you can, but don’t try and run them all. Again, like courses, the clubs you will want to start will depend on your objectives since each club gives your students different bonuses. Here are all the clubs in the game, plus what those bonuses are:

  • Book club: Members learn faster.
  • Speed walking club: Members walk speedily.
  • Power-nap club: Members regain energy anywhere.
  • Nature club: Members maintain campus attractiveness.
  • Orb club: Receive money for members recruited; reduces member happiness over time.

Don’t throw your Kudosh around

A band playing on a stage.

Kudosh is your most prized form of currency in Two Point Campus. You only get this by completing objectives and certain events, reaching career goals, and researching tasks. You will need this to get the best items that can increase happiness and learning capabilities for your students, but don’t just spend it as soon as you’re able. Consider the Kudosh cost, as well as how it will benefit your students. Unlike most things, any Kudosh you save during one level will be available in the next, so it never hurts to save it until you need it more.

Don’t be afraid to pause

The final tip is to pause the game whenever you feel overwhelmed. As your campus expands, a lot of things will start happening at once, and it can easily feel like too much for one person to manage. Thankfully, you have the ability to pause time to individually assess all the situations, check up on happiness levels and stats, and create a plan for the best course of action to solve those issues. You can even micromanage individual students and send them to a medical center if they’re sick or to go study if they’re getting a bad grade.

Everything in Two Point Campus is running constantly, and pausing time is your biggest advantage, so make use of it.

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