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Ubisoft teases two free updates for The Division after launch

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The launch of Ubisoft’s multiplayer shooter The Division is only days away, and while gamers seem generally excited, it’s a cautious sort of optimism. The game looks to offer much of what makes Destiny great, but it’s hard to talk about that game without also talking about how dry it was in the early days when it came to new things to do.

From the looks of things, Ubisoft doesn’t plan to make the same mistake. The company outlined its plans for content after launch in a blog post last week, and it seems like early players will have plenty to do without the need for paid DLC. In the months following launch, Ubisoft has plans for two free updates that seem fairly substantial.

In April the first content drop, titled Incursions, will hit, bringing a new “endgame activity designed for squad play” that looks to be a sort of horde mode, only with the added lure of high-end loot. With this will come the ability to trade loot between players in the same squad. In May the next content drop, Conflict, will hit, bringing new Dark Zone features and “an incursion into New York’s Columbus Circle.”

The blog post also detailed Ubisoft’s plan for paid expansions, with three planned for this year, available to Season Pass holders along with those who buy the Gold or Collector’s Editions of The Division. The first, titled Underground, hits in June, and sees players heading into the subways beneath Manhattan to track down enemies.

The next expansion, Survival, is planned for later in the summer, and will task players with surviving as long as they can by gathering supplies and equipment in a “very hostile environment.” Finally, the third expansion, Last Stand, is planned for winter. Ubisoft doesn’t have much to say about this one yet, only saying that players will face a “new, relentless threat.”

The Division hits store shelves and digital stores on March 8, and is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. If you’re wondering if your PC is up to snuff, make sure to check the system requirements.

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