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Valorant, Riot’s team-based shooter, is launching early on June 2

Valorant is getting an early launch next month.

Riot Games’ team-based shooter, which has been in closed beta since early April, will premiere on June 2, just ahead of its planned summer 2020 launch date, Valorant developers announced Thursday.

“We’ve been looking forward to sharing this game with everyone,” Game director Joe Ziegler said. “We’ve been wanting to get you this game to help brighten these tough times.”

Anna Donlon, Valorant executive producer, said the team hopes to support the game for “years, or even decades, to come.”

It's @RiotSuperCakes and @RiotZiegler back with an important update on the future of VALORANT.

— VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) May 21, 2020

The game is a mix of elements of competitive shooters like Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and, of course, Riot Games’ biggest hit, League of Legends. Valorant features a 5v5 multiplayer mode where one team of unique characters with special abilities attacks and the other defends.

Valorant’s closed beta is set to wrap up on May 28.

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