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Warzone 2.0 players are hoarding self-revive kits to pull off easy wins

Being the last squad standing in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is wildly difficult, but players have discovered a new method of achieving easy wins. This new cheesy strategy is tied to the game’s inventory system, which allows you to carry multipl copies of the same items — including Self-Revive Kits. This is a major new change, as the previous game only allowed players to carry one Self-Revive Kit at a time.

Players have figured out that by stocking up on Self-Revive Kits, they can survive in the gas at the end of a match for a long time, usually allowing them to outlast the competition to secure a victory. This issue will likely get patched, but players will be able to exploit the strategy until then.

I WON Without Getting a SINGLE KILL in Warzone 2.0

Popular YouTuber BearPig demonstrated the strategy by winning a game without earning a single kill. An impressive feat … until you realize how it was done. The trick was more so done to prove the point that Warzone 2.0’s inventory system is broken, rather than as a display of skill.

The most skillful, most satisfying win you will ever see in Warzone 2.0

Getting the hang of adapting

0 Kill solo Win

— BearPig 🐻🐷 (@BearPigCentral) December 8, 2022

As you can see, BearPig stocks up on Self-Revive Kits by purchasing them from Buy Stations or finding them in medical containers around the map. Then he takes the high ground, avoids the gas as long as possible, and waits until the last possible moment to start using a Self-Revive Kit. He rinses and repeats this method, then jumps from the rooftop to a safer area, allowing him to continue reviving himself to secure the victory. His opponent never really stands a chance, especially with BearPig hiding so far in the gas.

It’s unclear if Infinity Ward has plans to patch this right now, but it would not be surprising if Warzone 2.0 eventually puts a cap on the number of Self-Revive Kits you can carry.

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