Watch four minutes of Uncharted 3 gameplay

uncharted film seth gordon 3 2120Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception hits shelves November 1, but there’s been no shortage of teasers, promotional video, and even reality-show casting calls lately to whet the appetites of Uncharted fans.

The latest piece of marketing to make the rounds online is a four-minute clip of (mostly) gameplay footage from Uncharted 3, featuring Nathan Drake battling bad guys on board a cargo plane over the Arabian Desert.

The clip shows Drake attempting to crawl through the innards of the plane, only to be discovered by a massive guard. (Clearly, Drake should take some stealth lessons from Solid Snake.)

His brawl with the guard results in the plane’s cargo door opening up, sending Drake, the bad guys, and various pieces of cargo headed in the direction of the open air and the desert below. Fighting his way back inside the plane, Drake then contends with a gang of bad guys (luckily he grabbed an uzi from one of the guards flying by), and holds his own before an explosion sends the rest of the guards — and eventually Drake himself — flying into the sky.

And that is where the video leaves us…

So much for flying coach, eh?