Wii U may support multiple tablets on one console after all


When Nintendo announced the Wii U at E3 earlier this year, one concern that popped up more than once in subsequent conversations was the revelation that the console would only work with one of the tablet-style controllers at a time. Now there’s word that things might change in this regard, according to an “anonymous industry source” speaking to Develop (via CVG).

The source states that “at the very least” the console is being designed with two-tablet controller support in mind. It’s close to being worked out, too. “Nintendo appears to be on the cusp of solving the technical conundrum of a single Wii U device supporting two tablet controllers,” the source added.

The Wii U is meant to mark Nintendo’s long-awaited entry into the high-definition gaming space. While the Wii’s 2006 release was a landmark moment in the growth of casual gaming, the mobile market has since come to dominate in that space. The Wii U appears to be geared toward a broader market than its predecessor, with an “engine” (allegedly) capable of powering the latest games and a unique touchscreen-based interface, both complemented by the same capability for motion-based controls that made the Wii such an instant hit.

There’s nothing concrete here of course, beyond the fact that it would probably be better for Nintendo to support multiple tablets per console than to not.