The Witness screens deftly avoid the threat of exploding clowns

This fresh batch of screens from The Witness, an open world exploration-puzzle game from developer Number None, highlights a marshy section of the environment. You might wonder how the exploding clowns referenced in our headline fit; it’s actually very simple. In the post revealing these new looks at the game, Number None’s Orsi Spanyol notes “there was a high risk of making it look like a clown exploded on” the marsh research facility’s assortment of colorful algae pools. So there you go.

The Witness will be the next game designed by Jonathan Blow, who garnered lots of praise for his work on 2008’s Braid. The game is due to arrive in mid-2014 for PC and PlayStation 4, with an iOS release coming “shortly after that” and “other platforms a bit later,” according to the website. Given the penchant Blow demonstrated for building puzzles in Braid and the talents of the team assembled at Number None – including veterans of Rockstar Games, Crytek, and Myst studio Cyan Worlds – we’ve very excited to see what The Witness has to offer.